X1 Leopard Shark; Japan - Triakis Scyllium


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  • Hello do you think a leopard shark would survive the trip to the uk?

    Thank you for contacting YFS.

    We apologize, but unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have a solid overnight shipping option from our area to yours. It usually takes 2-3 day for a package to arrive.

  • Can I use goldfish to feed this shark?

    Hello We usually feed them raw shrimp and squid.

  • I have a 200gal can have a leopard shark

    Hello,  You will need a bigger tank to comfortable house this shark.

  • hello I am wondering what size the japanese leopard currently in stock is. I am looking for a small shark.

    Hello,  The leopard sharks we have in are approx 5-8" each.

  • Hi I was wondering what size the leopard shark is that you have in stock?

    Hello,  At the moment we are out of stock but we should have some in early next month. 

  • How big dose the leopard shark; Japan-triakis scyllium

    Hello,  They can get 3+ ft in the right environment. 

  • What size are the Leopard Shark; Japan - Triakis Scyllium

    Hello,   Thank you for contacting YFS.  At the moment we are out of stock but every Monday we have our new saltwater and freshwater arrivals. Can we touch base on Monday through email?