X1 Epaulette Shark


$ 579.45 

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  • Hello, I'm very interested in the epaulette shark but the no guarantee is an issue for me with such an expensive item. I'm not sure if I'm willing to risk it.

    Hello,  Can you email us with your location?  Depending on where you live we may/may not be able to offer to arrive alive guarantee.  We usually will not ship this item to colder states or states where the temp may be to high. 

  • Hi, I am interested in epaulette shark but would like to have an idea of the size and sex. Thank you

    Hello,     Thank you for contacting YourFishStore   Unfortunately we don't sex them.  We can try but we cant guarantee the sexes.  We usually ship out from what we have in stock. So we try not to make any promises on the sexes that will be shipped out. 

    The size vary.  Please email us and we can let you know the sizes we currently have instock.