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YourFishStore Tangs are hand-picked, carefully screened for size and exceptional color, quality, and health by our expert hobbyists.

Tangs are commonly referred to as Surgeonfish or Doctorfish, and make a wonderful addition to the reef or fish only aquarium. If more than one species of Tang fish or Surgeonfish is going to be kept, introduce different genera along with different-sized specimens simultaneously to limit aggression.

The Tang or Surgeonfish is one of the most popular fish families for saltwater hobbyists. There many color varieties of tangs along with many different temperaments and eating habits. Some surgeonfish are excellent eaters and others might make you want to pull your hair out because they won't eat what all the other fish in the tank are eating.

Offer then marine origin algae or nori. Some of the better algae comes enhanced with garlic or they are vitamin enriched. I can vouch for the Ocean Nutrition and Julian Sprung's sea veggies because I give it to my tangs on a daily basis (sometimes twice a day) and it gets devoured in minutes. I try to mix it up between the brown, green and purple seaweed when feeding the surgeonfish in my tanks. Check out the video of tangs eating seaweed

Saltwater tangs range in size from just a few inches to a some of the largest, such as the Whitemargin Unicornfish Naso annulatus, that reaches almost 40 inches (100 cm) in length. Thus many make very fine specimens for the home aquarium but some are really only suitable for public aquariums. Surgeonfish have oval bodies that are very compressed laterally and small mouths adapted for nibbling and scraping small organisms from the rocks and coral.

The name "surgeonfish" is derived from their possessing erectable razor sharp spines. These 'scalpels' are located at the base of their bodies just in front of the tail fin. Tangs are quick and swim in a graceful fashion, dipping in and out of the decor, nibbling on tiny morsels of algae. But sometimes they can be territorial. Their spines are very sharp and can cut like a knife, and these razor-wielding fish are very skilled with their swords. With a quick twist of their tail these swords become formidable weapons.

Tangs are often good community fish, great in a reef, and most varieties of Surgeonfish can be kept together. These fish quickly become familiar with their home and keeper, coming forward for foods and some has even been trained to allow a bit of petting. Just be very careful when cleaning the tank, and especially when the need arises to capture/net them. Tangs are a good-looking bunch for the most part, with only a few species that aren't nicely colored or at least covered with some sort of neat patterning. The pictures make that easy to see, of course, but being pretty is nothing particularly special when it comes to marine fishes. However, many surgeons stand apart from other fishes because of their personalities.

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