X2 (Two) Common Octopus Med Package - Brown Pacific - Octopus sp.


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X2 (Two) Common Octopus Med Package - Brown Pacific - Octopus sp.

Care Level : Moderate
Temperament : Semi-Aggresive
Diet : Carnivore
Origin : Pacific
Minimum Tank Size : 50 gallon
Acclimation Time : 2+ hours
Reef Safe : No
Coral Safe : Yes
Invertebrate Safe : No
Purchase Size: 1-1/2" to 4"

The Octopus will do best in an aquarium if provided with plenty of live rock and ample hiding places and a large area in which to move. It prefers an aquarium with caves and medium to coarse substrate with low lighting levels. The ideal lighting for this aquarium is dim actinic lighting.

The Octopus can be surprisingly strong, so in the home aquarium, it is best to anchor the rocks, or even glue them together to keep the Octopus from toppling the rocks into the glass or onto itself. Cover all tank openings very well or it will try to escape. The Octopus is sensitive to high levels of nitrates and phosphates, as well as any copper-based medications. It its best to maintain the Atlantic Pygmy Octopus in a species only aquarium with some live rock to aid in water stability.

Always approach the Octopus slowly to avoid causing it to release its ink cloud in defense. In the aquarium, this release of ink will necessitate a large water change to avoid its death.

The Octopus can be fed small live feeder shrimp or freshwater ghost shrimp. Any live foods should be fed spirulina based dry foods, plankton, and cyclops to enhance their nutritional value.


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  • Can 2 octopus live in one tank?

    Hello,  Thank you for contacting YFS.  Yes they can if the tank is big enough for them to establish their own territory.

  • Do you get a male and a female? And would a 75 gallon be good for both?

    Unfortunately, we don't sex them. We can try but we can't guarantee the sexes. We usually ship out from what we have in stock. So we try not to make any promises on the sexes that will be shipped out.

    We pick the healthiest and most out of batch we have instock at time of shipping.

  • Do you ship to ontario canada

    Hello unfortunately we do not ship to Canada.  We don't have a solid overnight option from us to you. 

  • Do you deliver to the UK???

    Hello,   Thank you for contacting YFS.    We apologize, but unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have a solid overnight shipping option from our area to yours.  It usually takes 2-3 day for a package to arrive.    We would hate to ship out a package and the livestock dies because it been in the box for 2-3 days.    We apologize again, but we can not ship to your area.