X1 Colored Mantis Shrimp Sml


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  • Hello. I wanted to get a smaller Mantis shrimp, nice colorations. Will you be adding any to the WYSIWYG? I am most interested in the "colored" and "Peacock" speciments. Thank you!

    Hello,  Yes we will be adding more to the WYSIWYG section next week.  But we do have some instock that are not WYSIWYG and if you would like to place your order.  We will get you out a beautiful shrimp. 

  • Was wondering of you would have time to add some of your Mantis Shrimps to the WYSIWYG Section, I'm interested in purchasing one, but would like to see the coloration/species.

    Hello,  We will have a wysiwyg mantis added today if you would like to check in shortly.