X2 Colored Blubber Jellyfish Sml


$ 92.54 

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  • Are these jellyfish safe for reefs and invertebrates?

    Hello,  They are with caution in a reef tank but should be good with inverts.

  • Good Evening YourFishStore Staff, I am very interested in your "X2 Colored Blubber Jellyfish Sml" for $92.54. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming the "X2" is for 2 small Colored Blubber Jellyfish. Is it possible to purchase 5 of the Colored Blubber Jellyfish? If so, how much would you charge? Thank you very much for your help! Very Respectfully, Anthony Cruz

    Hello,  Yes that is correct.  The x2 means two fish.