X2 Alligator Gar Sml/Med 2" - 4" Each Package


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Native to central and south-eastern states of the USA plus northern and central Mexico. No specific type locality was provided in the original description, and it has already disappeared from much of its northern range, with modern distribution comprising the lower Mississippi River basin plus Gulf Coast states of the southeastern U.S. and Mexico, as far south as the state of Veracruz.

Found in various habitats from large lakes and rivers to sluggish tributaries, backwaters and pools, and can surive in both fresh and brackish waters, but shows a preference for large rivers with extensive associated floodplains. Does not tend to inhabit swiftly-flowing environments.

Maximum Standard Length
Maximum recorded length is 3050 mm and maximum weight 166 kg, with the average adult specimen measuring 1800 – 2000 mm.

Aquarium Size
Suitable only for very large public installations.
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  • Are youre alligator gars black

    Hello,  At the moment we just sold out.  We only have Asian Needlenose Gar types instock right now.