Albino Checkered Garter Snake


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Scientific Name: Thamnophis marcianus
Ease of Care: Easy
Approximate Arrival Size: 8 to 12 inches
Approximate Full Size: 24 to 36 inches
Temperament: Peaceful, shy
Diet: Carnivore. Rosey Red feeder fish, Earthworms, Guppies, raw fish such as salmon, trout and tilapia cut to bite size
Lighting Requirements: Basking lamp
Recommended Habitat Size: 5 to 20 gallon aquarium or equivalent, depending on age

The CB Albino Checkered Garter Snake is excellent as a first snake for those who want to explore keeping a snake as a pet. These garters are even tempered, though they can be a bit shy at times, and they are easily handled when care is used not to drop them. The common name of this snake comes from its really nice checkerboard pattern of alternating squares.

With this snake it is recommended that a small habitat is used when the snake is young, to make the animal feel more secure. Putting a baby garter into a 20 gallon size or equivalent habitat can sometimes make the snake much more shy about coming out of hiding. It is best to start with a small habitat and upgrade to a larger habitat once the snake grows out to a larger size.

It is best to provide a basking lamp for this snake on one side of the habitat, and an under tank heater on the same side. This will give the snake varied heat zones. The basking lamp should be used on a timer, and left on 7 to 10 hours each day. The under tank heater should be left plugged in at all times.


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  • Are you able to sex the Albino Checkered Garter Snakes? I am looking for a pair, if possible.

    Thank you for contacting YourFishStore

    Unfortunately, we don't sex them. We can try but we can't guarantee the sexes. We usually ship out from what we have in stock. So we try not to make any promises on the sexes that will be shipped out.

    We pick the healthiest and most out of batch we have instock at time of shipping.