African Fire Skink


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African Fire Skink (Lepidothyris fernandi, previously Ripoa fernandi)

Striking in color, these large bodied skinks are bright red, flecked with black and white bars along their side. Their backs range from bronze to golden. Long squarish bodies with stout legs and thick tails give them the typical appearance of most skinks. Originally from western Africa, their range is currently known to be as far west as Guinea, south as Angola, and as far east as Kenya where they inhabit forests, woodlands, and densely vegetated areas.

Typically regarded as being very shy, they are actually quite active and full of personality when housed properly. Being very hardy, they make an excellent choice for beginners and experienced keepers alike.

Fire skinks prove somewhat difficult to find, but are growing easier to come by. They are most common at reptile expos and through major websites. Proven captive breeders remain few and far between, tending toward small breeding programs.


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  • Are these skinks captive bred or imports?

    Hello,  These are captive bred types.