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This plant does NOT cause algae problem. Live Plants is a natural biological filter to remove ammonia in aquarium. Just drop them into the fish tank. Squeeze it gently in the fish tank water to let it sink to the bottom.
Propagate by dividing into smaller pieces, which become spherical over time.
Negligible maintenance required.
No carbon dioxide injection required for healthy growth.

Marimo in Aquarium

Marimo grow in tap water at room temperature as long as the water is changed every one or two weeks (more frequently in summer and less often in winter). The marimo can be placed in the refrigerator in hot weather (above 28°C/ 82F), but does not survive freezing. Photosynthesis occurs in normal household lighting, otherwise, indirect sunlight since the marimo is adapted for low light conditions only. If the marimo green color turns brownish it may recover without intervention, otherwise a very minimal amount of salt can be added as a suggested remedy. Slightly squeeze the marimo in clean water weekly. This plant does NOT cause algae problem. Negligible maintenance required.

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