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*Crucial test kit for coral reef aquariums supplemented with potassium
*Advanced hand-held potassium titration test kit for precision results
*Ensure accurate dosing with routine tests of aquarium potassium levels

Advanced potassium test kit includes a mini filtration kit to enhance accuracy. Red Sea Potassium Pro Test Kit takes an innovative approach to titration (color change) testing for convenient and accurate test results. Reagent solution is filtered and incorporated into a titration process for accurate and convenient test results. The patent-pending titrator streamlines the titration process by allowing amazing single hand testing!

Red Sea Potassium Pro Test Kit boasts a new level of convenience for reef aquarium hobbyists. Routine and precise measurement of aquarium potassium levels is essential for coral reef aquariums supplemented with potassium. This advanced potassium titration test kit encourages proper testing skills with ease-of-use and a high degree of accuracy (±12ppm).

Included quick guide card walks you through the testing process with simple, easy-to-understand illustrations. Reverse features a chart that displays potassium test results ranging from 150 to 450 ppm. Measure and monitor potassium levels with Red Sea Potassium Pro Test Kit to ensure ideal water parameters for coral reef aquariums housing SPS, LPS and Soft Corals. 40 Tests. Accuracy of ±12ppm.

Why Test Potassium?
Routine potassium testing is crucial in coral reef aquariums supplemented with potassium. This element has an essential role in the transportation of coral nutrients within the soft tissues including the nutrients provided by the zooxanthallae. Potassium also has a significant effect on the alkalinity inside the coral soft tissue and plays a role in the formation of aragonite in the coral skeleton. Potassium is related to the red chromo-proteins (peridinin and neo-peridinin).

Proper potassium supplementation encourages enhanced coral coloration for a stunning and vibrantly-colored reef aquarium. However, overdose of potassium can encourage the breakout of nuisance algae. Therefore, correct dosage of potassium supplements and routine potassium testing is crucial to the health and success of any reef aquarium.

Instruction Manual
Syringe 10ml
Titrant - 20ml
Reagent A - 10ml
Reagent B - 25ml
Reagent C - 10ml
Filtration Kit


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