.F.S. Round Koi Pond Show Tank 98.4" x 39.4" (1297gal) - R2510


$ 576.65 

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This portable holding tank feature easy assembly and disassemble. This free standing tank is ideal for shows, quarantine or temporary quarters. The material is extremely strong and completely fish friendly. Highly tear resistant. Technical Specifications: Liner is UV resistant PVC support legs Thickness is approximately 0.6mm 2 holes: top hole is 3/4" and bottle is 3/4" comes with plugs Comes with extra patches and glue to fix leak Koi filter and net are not included


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  • What would I need to make this the place for my shark ?

    Hello, Yes you can use this tank.  We would recommend not to put and live rock or anythign with sharp edges becuase it will puncture the tank.

  • Can we use these permanently and possibly for sharks just curiosity

    Hello,  yes this can be used as a permanent holding tank.  We would advise not to use any sharp objects in this tank.  But it is durable plastic.