Eheim External Canister Filter - 1500Xl


$ 479.99 

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Eheim Classic Canister / External Filter: Proven technology, balanced performance and high efficiency are the hallmarks of the entry model for external Eheim filters.
  • Silicone sealing ring for easy and safe locking after cleaning.
  • Sealing ring fixed to the pump head
  • Alternative filling of filter media either with filter sponges or with combined media
  • 2 years warranty
Eheim External Filter 2262 (Special Edition 2260 Canister Filter) without Filter Media:
  • Powered by new high output 1262 pump
  • Includes two quick-release double tap valves
  • Filter Volume: 4.8 gal
  • Pump Output: 900 gph
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Flexible Hose Diameter: 1" inlet and 5/8" outlet


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  • What is the best canister filter for 125 Gal fresh water tank?

    Hello,  We like the Eheims and  Fluval canisters but its really hard to say.  Each set up is different and request different flow rates and filtration requirements depend on the bioload.