Blue Fin Pygmy Angel


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Scientific Name Centropyge multispinis
Reef Compatible With Caution
Care Level Intermediate
Disposition Semi-aggressive
Min. Tank Size 30 gallons
Mature Size 5.5 inches
Diet Omnivore
Range Indian Ocean, Red Sea
Other Common Names
Multi-Spined Dwarf Angelfish, Dusky Angelfish

Species Description
The ever inquisitive Blue Fin Angelfish resembles the more popular Coral Beauty Angelfish both in appearance as well as disposition. The blue coloration in its anal and caudal fins stands out and glows under intense aquarium lighting. It is known to pick at soft and stony coral and clam mantles but there are numerous reports of this species being successfully kept in reef tanks as long as the animal is well fed. Like most Centropyge Angelfish, it will leave all non-sessile invertebrates like shrimp, snails and crabs alone. There are no distinguishing features between males and females with this species.